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Blockchain News – The Signal #1

It’s been a busy week in the blockchain & crypto world. While Bitcoin showed signs of recovery, climbing up to $5,000 for the first time in 5 months as the total market cap surges by $18 billion. 

In Malaysia developer Serunai announced the launch of a blockchain-powered Halal digital chain, HADIC.  Meanwhile, Korean-based FNS Value is collaborating with two local companies, BIT Group and Nada Sepakat Corporation to introduce and provide blockchain-based authentication technology in Malaysia and across the region.

Down in Singapore, Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that its decentralized exchange (DEX) is set to go live this month. The Malta-based exchange also stated that its Singapore offshoot is poised to become operational in April 2019.

Closer to home, over the weekend we held our second Steeemit session, covering the basics of how Steem works, and how everyday users can take advantage of this growing platform. Steemit was launched 3 years ago, and while the user experience was never a strong part of the platform, several third-party apps have tapped into the API to make some very user friendly apps that anyone can use. Could this be the start of the masses beginning to use blockchain technology?

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