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Malaysia’s First Ever Blockchain-Powered Game

by | May 31, 2019 | Blockchain Business, Featured, News, Other Blockchain Platforms, Startup | 0 comments

Agmo Studio, a Malaysia-based software company is announcing the release of the blockchain-powered MotomoPets game with augmented reality features. This makes MotomoPets the first-ever blockchain-powered game developed in Malaysia. In this article we’ll cover the game, how to play, and unpack the tech that powers it.

Blockchain and Gaming

The use cases for blockchain and gaming are well documented. Gaming has been one of the early adopters of this emerging technology. Gamers already used to dealing with in-game virtual currencies quickly saw the potential in integrating cryptocurrency networks.

Blockchain technology enables a gaming environment for digital asset exchange, transparent and verifiable scarcity for virtual collectibles, and fast and secure payment networks. It’s a growing market between two exciting industries in blockchain and gaming. We’re excited to showcase how Agmo Studio has brought these two exciting industries together in their new game release, MotomoPets.

What is MotomoPets?

MotomoPets is a game designed to encourage fun and interactive social interplay between friends and family among friends and family. “We want to bring a low pressure gaming experience. Where anyone can play, without any pressure” Said Tan Aik Keong, Director of Agmo Studio. The game’s release coincides with the upcoming nationwide-celebrated Hari Raya Aidilfitri, making it a fun and playful way for family and friends to spend time together of the festive season. This game is simple enough for kids to play Aik Keong said, “I always test the game with my 3 years old daughter, she loves it.”

MotomoPets Characters

How Does MotomoPets Work?

MotomoPets allows users to raise a MotomoPet every festive season. Players interact by scanning and sharing QR Codes between each other. Each time a user scans a QR code of another user, his/her pet earns some blessings and in turn, grows a little. As the pet grows, it will eventually evolve to a higher phase, allowing it to access more features like wearing accessories.

Why Blockchain?

As Aik Keong explained “since Momoto has a lucky draw element, some users might the luck draw is coded in a way that no one can win the rare items, so we decided to use a Blockchain Smart Contract to make it more transparent.”

When games involve reward mechanisms or prize-winning features, users will often get the impression that the game is rigged against them. MotomoPets opted to use blockchain technology to make their lucky draw completely transparent.

Is MotomoPets Scalable?

We’ve witnessed an explosion of games on blockchain technology platforms in recent years. One of the most famous examples is CryptoKitties. CryptoKitties is a virtual cats collectibles game with verifiable scarcity which shot up in popularity back in December of 2017.  Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s popularity very quickly exposed Ethereum’s scalability challenges. The game ground the network to a halt and raised concerns over Ethereum’s capabilities.

MotomoPets opted to use the TRON Network for its scalability and speed advantages over the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks.

Augmented Reality for Social Interactions

MotomoPets built augmented reality greeting cards into its gaming platform to increase social interactions between family and friends. How many of us have experienced family gatherings or getting together with friends only to find everyone staring at their phone?

With this feature, MotomoPets users can create messages before sending out the e-greeting card in the form of an image with an attached QR code. The recipient scans the QR via MotomoPets app and will be able to view the AR scene and the customised message.

MotomoPets is already working on new features, for next season with more pets and more interactive capabilities explained Tan Aik Keong, Director of Agmo Studio, “we don’t want Motomo to be one time app during Raya festival only, we will create custom character for other festivals too, such as Christmas, CNY, Deepavali.”

Download The App Now

Want to get a feel for the game yourself? Download it now on your favourite iOS or Android device.

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