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Steem Blockchain – The Ultimate Guide To Steem

by | May 8, 2019 | Blockchain Beginners, Featured, Infographic, Learn Blockchain | 0 comments

Check out this infographic that shows you everything you need to know about what Steem is, how to get started, and how you can start earning Steem cryptocurrency today.

What is Steem?

A blockchain-based social media platform that rewards its users for creating content.

How Does Steem Work?

Get rewarded in cryptocurrency for:

  • Creating
  • Curating
  • Commenting
  • Sharing

Why Steem?

Why use Steem when you already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram?

These Social Media giants use the content generated by their members to make billions of dollars.

But Steem is different. Rather than using its users’ content, Steem empowers its members by rewarding its members.

When you post on Facebook, and your friends like your post, you don’t receive anything in return.

With Steem, you get rewarded in cryptocurrency whenever someone engages with your posts.

Who Should Use Steemit?

Steemit is for everyone. There are several apps that anyone can interact with to start creating and curating content. You don’t need to understand blockchain technology to use the platform. It works like any other social media platform except you get rewarded for using it!

What can I do with Steemit?

Put simply, Steemit enables content creators to earn cryptocurrency rewards through content and engagement.

Steemit gives the power back to curators, readers, entrepreneurs, and so many more. The platform supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards.

Steem is a Global Community. You can build your network, make friends, and build valuable relationships with like-minded people.

It has a built-in reward system. Users create  content and engage with other posts  and are rewarded with cryptocurrency for their attention and the contributions they make to the platform.

It doesn’t run ads. Unlike all other social media platforms, your experience on the platform won’t be interrupted by ads. You monetize your content by creating valuable and engaging content.

How do I Setup a Steemit Account?

STEP 1: Go to,

STEP 2: Click Sign Up and Fill your email address, check “I’m not a robot” and click “Continue”

STEP 3: Confirm your email address

STEP 4: Continue registration process

STEP 5: Login and ready to Steemit!

How do I Create Content on Steemit?

STEP 1: Write and attractive title

STEP 2: Write an engaging Introduction

STEP 3: Write the main content

STEP 4: Adding Images, Gifs, Videos, Link

STEP 5: Write a conclusion

STEP 6: Call To Action  – Upvote, Follow and Restem

STEP 7: Select A Category and Add Tags

STEP 8: Add A Thumbnail Image

STEP 9: Recheck & Preview The Blog Post

STEP 10: Publish The Blog Post

How Do I Get Rewards from My Content?

STEP 1: Write a post

STEP 2: Upvote a post

STEP 3: Comment on a post

STEP 4: Share other people post

50% of the rewards always go to the author, the other 50% is divided between the author, the curators and the commenters.

Curation rewards are paid out 100% in STEEM POWER, which increases the power of your up-votes, so you help the content creators and yourself!


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